Discord is a chatting platform that is designed especially for gamers. Discord supports free text and voice channels! So Discord is for Chat purpose only and not for sharing leaks or hacking tutorials.

You are all welcomed to join our huge community there!

Direct invitation link: https://discord.gg/WeCan.to

Discord Rules / Information

  • Stick to Discord's guidelines and rules.
  • Flooding, spamming or advertising is not allowed.
  • You are not allowed to share leaks or hacking/cracking tools on Our Discord server.
  • Do not insult, curse at, tease, or make offensive comments towards other users.
  • No racism or any other forms of discrimination. This will lead to an immediate kick and/or ban.

Visit #Rules discord channel for a full and updated list of the rules.


Donors & Upgraded members are to send James a forum DM with their discord Nick#ID to get your roles.

    To Verify your discord Account

  • You Must have an account on Forum
  • Go to the settings Then to Edit Profile and add you Username#0000 (This is a Direct Link)
  • The forum will update your roles on discord, This usually takes 5-10 minutes.