How to post a New Thread ?

When you go to a forum you are interested in and you wish to create a new thread (or topic), simply choose the button at the top and bottom of the forums entitled "New Thread". Please take note that you may not have permission to post a new thread in every forum as your administrator may have restricted posting in that forum to staff or archived the forum entirely.

How to Reply on a Thread ?

During the course of your visit, you may encounter a thread to which you would like to make a reply. To do so, simply click the "New Reply" button at the bottom or top of the thread. Please take note that your administrator may have restricted posting to certain individuals in that particular forum.

Additionally, a moderator of a forum may have closed a thread meaning that users cannot reply to it. There is no way for a user to open such a thread without the help of a moderator or administrator.

I forgot my Account password. What do I do?

If you forgot your password, you have one and only one option to reset it or else your account will be lost. To reset your password you need to use the email that is associated with the account. Click here for a detailed step-by-step process.

How do i change my Username on

We have a fair policy when it comes to nickname changes.
Donors having are allowed to change their nickname once every 1 Month. LEGENDS having are free to change their nickname anytime they wish and Regular Members are allowed to change it here .

How To See The Hidden Content / How to Use the Hide Tags ?

To see the hidden content, Simply reply on the Thread.

Read this Thread To know how to use the Hide Tags.

I cannot Login to the Forum or i got banned, what to do?

Breaking any a rule is not tolerated! If you got banned due Breaking the Rules, we will most likely never lift your ban until it expires. Forum Protection Bans usually expires in 2 weeks time depending on the Rule you breaked. If you got banned, do not attempt to evade the ban or it will end up permanent and we might ban your whole ISP if necessary. If you feel that you got banned by mistake or you are innocent and the ban should be lifted, DM any online staff.

Someone hacked my account, what do i do?

Your account security is your responsibility. If your account got hacked or accessed by someone else it is because you leaked or used your forum password somewhere else. Hacked accounts are immediately disabled with no refunds. Visit our account security tips here.

Someone is breaking the rules, how can i report them?


Who are the admins? How can i become one?

Admins or Administrators are normal Members with extra administrative powers. They are here to help everyone. Admins are hand picked by the team. If you follow the rules correctly and have admin qualities, you might have the chance to be one of them. For a list of the current admins click here.

What is leecher ?

someone that doesn't care about the creator of something, just what they are releasing basically, leecher are those people who has 0 thread and 30 or more post people who only leeches.

  • DMCA:

    You must include the following:

    1. An identification of the copyrighted work claimed to have been infringed.
    2. Make sure that we are hosting the content not just linking to it, we cannot help you if the content is hosted on for example Mediafire
    3. Your e-mail must be written in english and coming from a valid, company e-mail.

    Contact email: [email protected]

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